Ah... Santorini.....  What more do I need to say about its beauty...  It is definitely one of the most desired honeymoon destinations.  

Personally it is probably the only city in the world where the man-made beauty is integrated so harmoniously and perfectly into its environment/nature. The backdrop of the turquise Argean Ocean against the white/blue-dotted houses hanging on the jagged caldera are simply astonishing and aesthetic that no other cities can be on par with.  Though crowded and touristy, it does not have the overwhelming hustle-bustle of city-feel that I dread.

It is a place I will visit again when an opportunity presents itself.

We spent 3 days in Santorini.  We visited Fira, Oia, Pyrgos, and the Volcano and hot springs.  We did a tour of islands of Caldera with a traditional sailing yacht that leaves from the old port in Fira.

It was exciting to be on an active volcano with smoking craters and smell of sulfur.  After the volcano walk we continued to Palea Kameni for the Hot Springs. The boat stopped at the bay and passengers with decent swimming skill would get into the water to swim about 40m away to the famous themal spas of Palaia Kameni. The water temperature is not as hot as I anticipated as it mixes continuously with the normal sea currents.  But I had a blast swimming in the Aegean Sea.We then continued to Thirassia for its crystal clear water and having lunch in the traditional taverns of the islands.  We didn't really swim but we sure had a great seafood meal there.  The tour ended at the port below Oia where we walked on the zigzag path up to Oia.  Many people ride on donkey up the trail though.

Both Oia and Fira are spectacular. Pyrgos is one of the less touristy villages.  We went there to get a better view of the whole Santorini.

Note:  Some pictures below are credited to my friends, May and Jeanie.  Since we merged all our pictures after the trip, therefore I cannot really pinpoint the exact ownership of each picture.


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