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8/16/2015 (CST)

Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu, El Calafate, El Chalten, Ushuaia

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7/5/2015 (CST)

Voted as one of the seven natural worlds, Iguazu falls is one of the most imposing natural attraction in Argentina as well as the world.

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7/3/2015 (CST)

Tango is synonymous for Buenos Aires, and it is an integral part of the large city. You can find the tango all over Buenos Aires: in authentic neighborhoods, such San Telmo and Recolate, in some cafes, and of course in milongas.  Some hostels even offered some free short lessons.

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7/1/2015 (CST)

El Chalten - is a small mountain village, known as the newest town in Argentina and the national capital of trekking.

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6/30/2015 (CST)

Named for a berry fruit family,  blueberry lookalike, once eaten, guarantees your return to Patagonia. It is also declared national capital of the glaciers and is the starting point to visit the region, such as El Chalten and other wild adventures.

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6/23/2015 (CST)

Finally we made it to the southernmost city in the world - Ushuaia, Argentina - our last stop of the 14-day trip.  We had a very fast-paced trip southward to get here and by then we were pretty much hiked and glaciered out.  Our physical body was screaming for a much slower pace, and Ushuaia offers just that. 

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6/22/2015 (CST)

Ushuaia - a very far-away and rather expensive city to visit.  If stripping the title of the "world southernmost", should one still go all the way to this place people call Tierra del Fuego, meaning “land of fires”?   

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6/20/2015 (CST)

The facts that time waits for no men, that tomorrow is not guaranteed, and that fears is nothing but of itself, I planned my first self-guided trip to Brazil and Argentina with zero Spanish.