About Me

Welcome to my blog. Here I plan to share my life experiences, be it the explorations through my self-guided world travel experience, the joy found in good reading, writing, computer programming, music, and art enjoyments, and even my theology wrestles and life struggles. When time permitting, I will try to keep the blog as bilingual as possible, both Chinese and English. Do feel free to drop me comments in either langauge.
Thank you.

I am someone who....
Loves the serenity of the nature, but also appreciates the hustle and bustle of the big cities.
Can easily lose myself in the vastness of nature, and yet not lose my true self when meeting the expectations of others.
Delights in people watching and meditations.
Considers art and music as great blessings in life.
Is passionate in reading, especially in love with Charles Dicken's comically repulsive characters and
C.S.Lewis' intellectual clarity and coherent in the existence of God, which never fails to lift me to the brink of Heaven.
Finds great pleasure in traveling around the world; each opportunistic photo makes me ecstatic.
Can be so into programming and writing world that the problems of life become a non-existence.
Lastly, I am a firm believer that
"One's attitude determines one's altitude"

沉迷于CS Lewis清澈透明的有神論邏輯,因他使我合情合理且理性地信靠主耶稣基督。
沉醉于Charles Dicken's 文筆下活生生的人物且尖利风趣的幽默。