Over the years, people had approached me for my Greek and Turkey itinerary.  Admittedly, of all my self-guided trips, this is the most challenging one.  

Deciding which islands to visit and getting my head around routes and schedules of the ships/cruises/bus/flights are most time-consuming and at times frustrating.  In total, we visited five Greece islands; two of them were for transit purpose. Getting around in Turkey was easier, but back then in 2009, online bus ticket reservation was not really an option.  We were simply optimistic that things would work out as planned.  We bought all our bus tickets right at the stations on the day of our travel.  

In short, our routes were as follows:

1. Flew into Athens. Spent a day and then headed northwest to Meteora for a few days.

Train and other information about Meteora

2. Back to Athens for another day before our island hopping. The schedules & reservations for ships.

3. By ship. From Athens to Patmos Island as Apostle John wrote the book of Revelation on this island.  Spent probably a day there.

4. By ship.  From Patmos to Skyros (transit) and to Mykonos for a few days.

5. By ship. From Mykonos we headed to Santorini for a few days.

6. From Santorini, we flew to Samos (transit) and from there we boated to Kusadasi. The airline we used.

7. In Kusadasi we visited Ephesus.

8. We bused to Pamukkale for a few hours of sight-seeing.  From there, we caught a night bus oon the same day to Cappodocia, Goreme for a few days.

9.  From Cappodocia we flew to Istanbul and stayed there for a few days.

10. We flew home from Istanbul, in transit at Zurich for a night.


I hope the itinerary would help. 


Happy Travel...

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