Haiti is often regarded as the poorest country in western hemisphere due to the following factors.

1) Haitian government's corruption was among the top ranked. 

2) Its mountainous landscape provides limited amount of cultivable land.

3) The wrath of mother nature, such as earthquake.

Another tragic factor is that with a population of 10 millions, the economy is mostly controlled by ONLY FOUR Haitian families (told by the local people).  That shows the extreme unhealthy wealth distribution in Haiti.

"80% of the population living under the poverty line and 54% in abject poverty." Most Haitians live on $2 or less per day.  Life expectancy is 54, but few lives past the age of 50 as many die from diseases.  

Many parents, for the sake of their children, implored the foreigner-sponsored/operated orhanage to accept their children for a better future. Some would even falsely claim as the legal guardian of children, whose parents had passed, in hopes to earn sympathy and hence a spot for their children in the orphanage. Without an official death certificate of the parents, their plead was declined.   

It is extremely sad to say that being an orphan might be a blessing in a disguish.  In addition to a better living condition with three meals a day,  children in orphanage also receive education. Most parents cannot provide these: steady meal nor education.

My understanding and definition of poverty changed and redefined forever after the 7-day Haiti trip.  I will let the pictures with its captions to speak for this memorable & educational trip.

Enjoy and happy travel.

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