I am always a fan of old black and white movies for the spiritual and lifestyle reasons.  

Located about 135 miles southeast of Chicago, Shipshewana is a small town defined by its Mennonite and Amish communities.  For more details, click here.  It is rather fascinating to see horse-drawn buggy being used and Puritan clothing being worn in real life rather than in movie set.

Besides taking a peek into their lifestyle, Shipshewana also holds one of the nation's largest flea markets that draws huge crowds.  If you like anything vantage and wood furnitures, this town is definitely for you.

I had great time at the flea market. 

My take-away from this trip is that Amish/Mennonites do eat out and they do carry nice modern handbags.  ;). We had dinner in one of the Mexican restaurants and we saw two Amish/Mennonite families there.


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